Through daily maths sessions it is our intention that pupils will develop their ability to:

  • Develop core mathematical skills in all the operations of maths
  • Develop understanding and use of mathematical language
  • Reason mathematically
  • Problem solve
  • Develop their conceptual understanding in each strand of maths

We recognise the importance of functional maths and aim for pupils to understand the value of maths for different situations for their futures as members of society e.g. money and careers work. 

We develop resilience in learning and aim to demonstrate that making mistakes is an important part of learning. This is particularly relevant in the teaching and learning of maths.


Over the academic year 2022-23 the school has implemented the White Rose Maths Scheme which develops maths mastery in an accessible way whilst delivering a broad and balanced curriculum. White Rose Education resources support the development of a communal curriculum: the evenness experienced by students across classrooms gives everyone a chance to succeed.

The school has deployed new Numicon resources including the Numicon Big Ideas intervention which again is new for the academic year 2022-23. This resource addresses gaps in mathematical knowledge by re-teaching key concepts through a concrete/pictorial/abstract approach. By creating pick up and go packs for either teachers or PSW’s to deliver we ensure that pupils have unlocked key maths concepts and are secure before transitioning to secondary placements.

Individual pupil needs will be catered for through the personalisation of tasks within the scheme, the use of scaffolding & resources, through individual/group interventions or other catch up/booster sessions. Home learning can also be access on an individual basis where appropriate.

Practise and consolidation play a crucial role in the maths curriculum in order for pupils to gain a secure understanding of mathematical concepts.  Teachers plan for variation within the strands. This allows for appropriate challenge and building of confidence and competence to ensure that pupils have gained secure knowledge of key concepts.  Pupils are encouraged to explain their working out to ensure that they have this knowledge and will be able to apply it flexibly.


  • Pupils develop core mathematical skills and knowledge within and across the operations
  • Pupils increase in confidence in their problems solving abilities and understand the processes required to get to a solution. 
  • Pupils improve their recall of facts and procedures including times tables. 
  • Pupils are able to understand the connection between key mathematical concepts.  
  • Pupils develop the skills to be able to articulate their understanding, to reason verbally and to demonstrate workings out in pictorial or written form.