Our clinical team includes: nurses, child and adolescent psychotherapists, art psychotherapists, consultant psychiatrist, creative therapists, CYP-IAPT trainees, systemic practioners, speech & language therapists and occupational therapists. We also have student nurses on placements (1 – 3 months) and longer training placements for psychotherapist (4 years) and creative therapists (6 months).

Our therapeutic approach is an important part of our ethos. Within this, as a team we pay attention to how children are functioning day to day, their strengths and needs and how they are relating to one another and to the staff. We also use reflective practice as a staff team both individually and in groups.

Spaces in the school day such as; meal times, playtimes, gardening, cooking, wellbeing, committees and circle times are attended by both clinical and education staff. This is so that we can work together to understand and support the pupils in their personal, emotional and social development.

In addition to this we offer a range of psychological therapies and interventions as part of a clinical care plan that can be offered as part of the school day.  Care plans are developed by clinical case coordinators in discussion with the child and family. They are needs led and evidence based whilst also considering what approach best meets the child needs at that time and what they are ready and able to access. These are reviewed termly in Integrated Care plan meetings at the start of each term.

The types of clinical interventions we offer are:

  • Psychosocial and CAMHs nursing interventions.
  • Individual child and adolescent psychotherapy (following assessment this is offered between 1 and 3 times a week onsite in one of our therapy rooms).
  • CYP-IAPT (short term therapies which might include areas such as anxiety, low mood, transition, psychoeducation, positive behaviour support)
  • Consultant Psychiatry input to support in case consultation with team, network, with families or for diagnostic assessment or medication reviews.
  • Art Psychotherapy (following assessment this is offered once a week onsite in one of our therapy rooms).
  • Other therapies are available sometimes such as movement therapy, music therapy, equine therapy.
  • Parent/carer support or parent/carer work with a member of the clinical team. This can happen at a frequency agreed with case coordinators and parent/s/carers and is a very important part of our work with your child and you as a family.
  • Group therapies that take place in our ‘Group Room’
  • Speech and language input such as Lego Communication Therapy, Language for Thinking and Language for Life Groups.
  • Occupational Therapy input such as Zones of Regulation and other sensory regulation, fine motor skills, independent life skills.

Other assessments might also be offered such as:

  • Educational psychology assessment
  • State of mind assessment (by a child psychotherapist)
  • Speech and language assessment
  • Occupational therapy assessment