The curriculum

Gloucester House requires that educational staff deliver learning programmes which are free from unlawful discriminatory language, images or assumptions. In order to achieve these aims, educational staff will:

Ensure that they plan, resource and deliver a curriculum which takes full account of equality of opportunity and Gloucester House’s diverse character.

Ensure that all teaching and learning materials are free of discriminatory language, assumptions and images. (In cases where it is difficult to do so, such as in art or literature, for example, care should be taken to place it in its historical context)

Ensure that teaching methods and teachers’ attitudes are free from bias and will not disadvantage particular pupils or groups.

Ensure that appropriate and compensatory learning support is given where necessary to enable any child to benefit from his/her course of study.

Protected Characteristics from the Equality Act

For the purposes of this policy, discrimination means treating people less favourably than others on the grounds of their age, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, race, ethnic origin, disability, religion or religious beliefs, whether this be direct or indirect by applying a provision, criterion or practice, which disadvantages such persons.

(See Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development policy for further details on our work promoting diversity and quality)