Our approach places relationships at its core as the foundation of safety and development.

  • We understand that behaviours that challenge are a communication.
  • We aim to provide children with a safe and nurturing space within which to explore challenges and barriers to their learning and holistic development.
  • Our approach recognises that friendships and working alongside peers is an important part of a child’s development and school journey.
  • We believe that all children who are placed with us have the capacity to progress and achieve.
  • We work collaboratively with parents and carers and acknowledge their unique role in their child’s world.
  • We have a comprehensive and enriching curriculum offer that is highly personalised.  
  • We offer an integrated multi-disciplinary approach where the education and CAMHS team work together to understand and meet children’s needs.
  • We are needs led and aim to understand and support children and their families holistically.
  • We are flexible and try to meet children and families ‘where they are at’ taking into account their previous experiences.

Through education we aim to mirror some of the experiences that children may have in ‘mainstream settings’ with a longer term view to support them to develop and thrive within their local communities and in their future aspirations.

We are highly experienced at collaboratively working with multi-agency systems around a child and family.

My child has really improved, his writing, reading and his behaviour has also improved a lot. He is always looking forward to going back to school from school holidays or weekends. This shows he is happy and enjoying school times. He has recently made friendships. I am happy too


July 2022