Gloucester House provides a model of good practice that fits the Eeucation, health and Care Plans implemented in September 2014 including:

  • a tailor made curriculum to inspire and engage hard to reach children.
  • multi-disciplinary tailored, packages of care for every child.
  • a team of staff who are very experienced in working across professional boundaries in partnership with children and families.
  • a staff team with the ability to work with severely disturbed complex children and families who have not benefited from other single agency interventions and who have experienced difficulties in engagement with other services.
  • integrated parent/carer work that brings together and works with fragmented families and networks to support development at home and at school.
  • a therapeutic environment in which attention is paid to the meaning of behaviour in all parts of the work.
  • individual and group work provided by clinicians and education staff together, including psychoanalytic psychotherapy, SALT and OT, art therapy, equine therapy and nurture play sessions.
  • group work that supports each child to learn functional patterns of behaviour and develops their ability to function and thrive within a group.
  • an opportunity for children to remain living in their local communities and maximise the likelihood of them being able to return to local education
  • practical and effective support for the re-integration, whether into mainstream or other settings.
  • provision to support local authorities to accommodate children who may need longer term intervention.
  • a comprehensive system of outcome data demonstrating high quality, relevant and effective evidence-based educational and clinical provision for children and their families.

My child was quite traumatized and extremely challenging when he joined Gloucester House. The great support and encouragement given to him by the wonderful teachers at Gloucester House redirected his focus for good. Now he has become such a calm and excellent child to be with. I will never hesitate in recommending any parent in need of such help to Gloucester House. I and my family remain grateful to you all


July 2022