16 November 2022

Pupils across both classes have helped transform the nurture garden at Gloucester House with our fantastic gardener Suzi to provide a wonderful outdoor learning and activity space for our pupils. The renewed garden will give the pupils an opportunity to help grow and sustain a variety of plants and crops.

Pupils have been working with Suzi to learn about different types of vegetables and plants, and various gardening techniques so they can keep gardening in the future! This will encourage healthy eating habits as well as foster a sense of responsibility and ownership of taking care of the garden which pupils can take pride in.

Darren, one of our pupils at Gloucester House, has been helping to look after the garden;

“I don’t have a garden like this at home, so it lets me be able to plant things and look after them – which I wouldn’t be able to do otherwise”.

Pupils are able to choose what is grown in the garden and can bring in seeds from home to add to the crops and flowers. Everything in the garden is organic and includes a variety of plants and vegetables such as potatoes, chillies, peppers and pumpkins.

“It’s exciting to watch things grow in the garden. My favourite part of gardening is growing the food, so we can then eat some nice things which are better than the canteen food.” Darren jokingly says.

There are also flower beds around the garden which have a variety of colourful and sensory plants and flowers such as lavender and mint.